Teleworking is an advanced form of telecommuting which goes beyond simply allowing employees to work from home or an alternative location a couple of days a week and instead enables them to work at any time or place that allows them to successfully complete their work. In short, it means bringing the work to the worker instead of the worker to the work. This freedom of mobility is made possible by new technology including laptops …[based on Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology] that provide desktop equivalent performance with long battery life and secure wireless networking capabilities.

– Accordings to Sperling’s Best Places

Sperling’s Best Places and Intel Corporation study (spring 2006) identified the best cities for telework based on typical commute times, fuel prices, availability of broadband Internet access, and percentage of the population in telework-friendly jobs. The study also considered climate and potential for natural hazards. Bakersfield was listed in thirteenth place on the list of sixteen small cities.

From the Telework Research Network: If the 41 million Americans who work in an office chose to spend one day a week working at home…

  • Commuter cost savings of $494 million
  • Save 2.3 million barrels of oil, totaling $185 million
  • Traffic accidents reduced by 775, for a savings of $93 million
  • Companies save over $6,500 per employee

More information on how to make telework a success at your worksite.

Check out these Recordings of the 4-Part Telework Webinars

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