Park-and-Ride Lots

Caltrans (Districts 6 and 9) operate the following Park-and-Ride in Kern County

Route Post Mile Facility Name Location
99 56.05 Delano Transit Center Park and Ride Delano
14 21.31 California City West Way Station Park and Ride California City
California City College Station Park and Ride California City
Lake Isabella Lake Isabella
155 70.80 Lake Isabella Northwest Corner of SR 178 Intersection Lake Isabella
99 54.50 Delano Woolomes Delano
58 59.40 Weedpatch Hwy (SE) Southeast corner of SR184 Interchange Bakersfield
South H Street & McKee Road Bakersfield
119 2.20 Ford City just south of Harrison Street Intersection Taft
14 103.80 Ridgecrest NW corner of SR178 Intersection @ Richmond Rd. Ridgecrest


Park-and-Ride lots are for commuter parking and are not available for residential, commercial, long-term parking, or for recreational use. Park only in designated areas in Park-and-Ride lots. Parking in non-designated areas is at your own risk and could result in your vehicle being towed.

While local law enforcement staff checks Park-and-Ride lots regularly, there is not generally full-time security at these facilities. Park-and-Ride patrons are encouraged to lock cars, not leave valuables in sight and report suspicious activity to the police or to bus drivers.

Most Park-and-Ride lots are well lighted. However, if it is dark when you return to your vehicle, make certain to take safety precautions. Rideshare partners should make certain that riders get safely into their individual vehicles, and that the vehicles are operational, prior to leaving the lot.