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eTRIP Meetings


Don’t let your busy schedule stop you!

Join us at one of the quarterly eTRIP Meetings hosted by CommuteKern.

CommuteKern will host quarterly meetings for eTRIP Coordinators featuring key topics, benefits and incentives to offer their employees who rideshare.

FREE Ridematching Service

CommuteKern provides a FREE rideshare matching service. By registering your profile on CommuteKern, you will be able to find carpool, vanpool, or bicycling buddies for your work or school commutes. If you log your commutes, CommuteKern’s calculator will calculate how much money you are saving in gas, how many calories you are burning and how much you are saving our air in carbon emissions. CommuteKern registration also allows you to be eligible for quarterly prizes and guaranteed ride home reimbursements.

Monthly e-Newsletter

Kern Commuter Connection is CommuteKern’s monthly e-newsletter and is available for employers to forward or duplicate for their employees. Kern Commuter Connection features the latest rideshare updates on benefits, events and technology.

If you do not currently receive this e-newsletter, please forward a request to be added to our email list to commuter@kerncog.org.

Company Presentations and Employee Outreach

CommuteKern staff is available to assist any employer with rideshare presentations and employee outreach.

Contact us today to schedule your next event.

eTRIP (Rule 9410) Assistance

Employers with 100 employees or more are mandated by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District to provide rideshare resources to their employees. CommuteKern has those resources available for FREE and can assist you with meeting the eTRIP requirements. Visit valleyair.org for more information regarding eTRIP.

Guaranteed Ride Home


One reason people are hesitant to rideshare is if there is a family emergency or unexpected situation that might require them to work overtime. CommuteKern offers a Guaranteed Ride Home service that commuters can take advantage of when those situations occur. By registering for our ridematching service you are automatically entered into our Guaranteed Ride Home service. In the Guaranteed Ride Home program on the CommuteKern Ridematching service, your alternative commute costs are reimbursable.

Program participants are eligible for reimbursement for their emergency ride home if an emergency arises on a day that you share the ride to work.

Guaranteed Ride Home


  • You become ill, have a child care emergency, or experience a severe crisis for yourself or a member of your family.
  • You have an unexpected request by a supervisor to work past your regular work-end time (“Unexpected” means not knowing about the request before arriving at work on the day in question).
  • You are stranded at work because your carpool or vanpool driver had to leave due to an emergency (in this instance, each impacted rider in the carpool or vanpool is eligible for a Guaranteed Ride Home).

The following situations are not covered by the Guaranteed Ride Home program:


  • Transportation to work
  • Transportation for personal errands
  • Pre-planned appointments
  • Business –related travel
  • Working late absent a supervisor’s request
  • Pre-arranged overtime
  • Non-emergency “side” trip

When faced with the need to use the Guaranteed Ride Home service, keep the receipt for your taxi or rental car and download the reimbursement form below. Print and fax the form and receipt to 661-324-8215 or email it to commuter@kerncog.org. Your reimbursement check will be mailed to you.