Helpful Questions & Answers

Q1.  Does “Subsidized Commuting” reported in the National Compensation Survey include employee pre-tax payments for transit or payment for parking?

A1. “Subsidized commuting as collected by the National Compensation Survey, consists of full or partial payment for the cost of an employee’s commute to work via public transportation, company sponsored van pool, discount subway fares, or bus tokens. As such, it does not include employees with access to pre-tax payment of transit benefits or payment for parking.”


Q2. Are self-employed/contractors counted within the estimates of subsidized commuting?

A2.  “The National Compensation Survey includes workers in the private nonfarm economy except those in private households, and workers in the public sector, except federal government. If the employer is not paying the legally required benefits (such as unemployment insurance) those workers are considered out of scope for the NCS.”


Q3.  Why does the National Compensation Survey only report worker access to subsidized commuting, not worker use of the benefit?

A3.  “There are several types of benefits where the NCS only attempts to capture the incidence (availability) of a benefit in an effort to mitigate respondent burden.”