Best Practices and Tips for Telework During COVID-19 and Beyond!

4-Part Webinar series for employers, managers and employees.


Thank you to the hundreds of employers, managers and employees who took advantage of our four FREE webinars to provide best practices and tips for teleworking now and in the future.

If you were unable to watch the webinars live, or would like to re-watch a particular webinar, you can access the recordings below.

Recordings of the 4-Part Telework Webinars

Feel free to forward on to anyone you think that might benefit from this presentation that focuses on managers, supervisors or HR staff that coordinate telework programs.

Click here to access the recorded Webinar #1: Remote Management

Click here to access the recorded Webinar #2: Telework Best Practices

Click here to access the recorded Webinar #3: What’s Next? Incorporating Telework into your Business Strategy.

Click here to access the recorded Webinar #4: Real Conversations with Real Teleworkers and Employers.

Additional Resources from the Webinars:

Childcare Resources for Teleworkers

Eligibility Checklist Form

Telework Distraction Log

Management Feedback Guide

Ergonomic Stretches


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