Bike to Work or School

Bicycling is a great way to commute to school or work. While on your ride, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, great exercise and a rewarding feeling of reducing polluting emissions in our air. Kern County struggles with bad air quality, and as our community continues to grow, traffic congestion is becoming more of an issue. By bicycling to work or school, you can do your part to help reduce energy consumption and increase your monthly earnings by not having to spend so much for gas.

Saving money and doing your part to clean our air are great reasons to ride your bike, but safety has to be of great importance to any cyclist. It is imperative that you are aware of your surroundings and familiar with your route in order to be safe.

By wearing a bike helmet and reflective clothing when riding at night, you are taking those additional steps toward being safe not only on bike paths, but also when traveling routes that have you traveling with other vehicles.

For more information about bicycle safety or determining the best route for you to get to school or work, Bike Bakersfield is a great resource. They also host a variety of fun events throughout the year to help motivate more people to ride their bikes, even if it’s for a leisurely stroll on the weekends. More information about Bike Bakersfield and their services can be found at

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Parking Solutions

Tips on providing bicycle parking solutions for employees or customers.
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CA DMV Bicyclists & Pedestrians

CA DMV provides safety tips for bicyclists and a guide to sharing the road.

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